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The experts in online property listing systems and tools. We build our systems to make your life easier.

The Future is now, Property Mart provides the latest in online technology for our clients to help bring your property listings into the 21st century.

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Fast 21st Century Company

We only use the latest stable technology and infrastructure to ensure that we bring you the fastest and most impressive service available.

Cloud-based Systems

Our proprietary software is completely cloud-based. Giving you access to any of your properties and records anywhere at anytime. They are protected by the latest encryption technology and backed up every 10 minutes to ensure the utmost security and reliability.

Mobile Ready

All the tools that we use are built using mobile-first design. This results in a seamlessly elegant operation of our system regardless of whether you are using a small mobile screen or a super-wide smart TV. We also have an app for our software and SMS and MMS facilities built in. These make managing your properties a breeze.

Latest Encryption Technology

In modern times online security is becoming a larger concern than ever before. To meet these growing challenges we employ multiple cryptographic developers to ensure the security and integrity of our systems and yours and your clients personal data. Our system sits behind the latest in commercial firewall technology, which prevents all manner of malicious attacks.

Futuristic Property Listings

Use our software to provide the latest in modern property listings. We offer 3D mapping and localization of all your clients properties at an affordable and turnover-based rate. We understand if you're just starting out that online property listings can be expensive and that's why our pricing scale grows with your business.

Access to Our Incredible Team

Using our software gives you access to our incredible property management team. We have all the experience you need and are willing to tailor our systems to your requirements and train your staff in use of all the bells & whistles.


Our History

We are Property Mart-SA and we are the experts in online property management. We have been in the business since 2007 and are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve both our own and our client's businesses.

Here at the Property Mart we provide all the tools and know-how required to get your house on the market and sold quickly. Our company was born in the 21st century and consequently all the tools we know and love are the tools of the future. You won't find us using out-dated databases and old sepia photographs. We are the property technology specialists, and we use that skill to compliment our clients and ensure the best client experience. We use all the tricks of the trade to help find the right buyer for your property whilst ensuring it sells at the right price for you. To enable us to achieve these high standards we have a comprehensive team of agents, developers, persuasion experts and innovators. Together we make Property Mart and together we succeed.

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