Conveyancing Services

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If you are considering buying or selling your property, remortgaging it, or taking out a lease on something like a shop, or any other kind of property related transaction, it is important to get all your legal particulars correct.

You don’t want any mistakes and you risk losing a lot of your money, or be saddled with on-going problems that could have been avoided.

You will need to engage a good conveyancing solicitor you can place reliance upon. A good conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer can manage the whole property conveyancing transaction process on your behalf. This will include all the necessary searches and due diligence checks to ensure there will be no shocks after the sale or purchase transaction has completed.

If you are selling, a conveyancing solicitor can handle drawing up the contract of sale, to ensure that your interests are well looked after, and they will manage the financial aspects for you to make sure that the funds change hands when they should and that all transactions flow smoothly. They will also take care of any admin and registration obligations and steer you through any complex taxation obligations that must be accounted for.

We would recommend that you check any awards and certifications that your chosen solicitor may have. As a minimum they should hold the Conveyancing Quality Mark.

You don’t need a man in a Saville Row suit with a degree from Cambridge, you just want an efficient, speedy, cost-effective, and modern conveyancing service.

Ideally they should be professional and you should insist on continuity as you don’t want to be speaking with a different person every time you call them.

You don’t necessarily need them to be located within your vicinity either as most if not all modern transactions are dealt with by email these days and you should never need to have to visit them for signing anything as electronic signatures are acceptable now.

I would want to use a firm that have invested in decent software  and IT systems. The fact that they are on a panel gives you a clue that they are pretty switched on as all of their quotations are generated through a matrix that they have to input and maintain.

It wont be evident but you should find that good panel operators like the one we have recommended here will instill a strong discipline over their panel members in order that standards are consistently maintained. If a solicitor tries deviating from the quotation price compared to the actual billing it is frowned upon and all solicitors and licensed conveyancers alike will have signed up to a non completion zero fee bond. This means that the legal fees aspect of your bill will be wiped off and you will not be charged for them. I think this is common in reality too as most solicitors know that a fair proportion of cases collapse and that the client will invariably buy or sell another property in the future and will likely come back to them for more business.

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