The cost of conveyancing

The cost of conveyancing can vary wildly from solicitor to solicitor. In order to find a reasonably priced, good quality solicitor we suggest that you compare the cost of conveyancing at equoteconveyancing . This is a web based portal site that enables you to compare quotes from firms of solicitors and licensed conveyancers across the UK.

You’d probably not be surprised to learn the actual level of footfall on the high street and out of town retail parks is falling every year as people turn to the Internet to get their needs. We found that the most popular universal Christmas and birthday presents you can give somebody today is likely to be a gift voucher for an online shop such as iTunes or Amazon as most people are doing their shopping online today.

Why? Because you can get a bargain.

Why? Because having a high street shop presence costs as wages rents rates and light and heat have to be paid for shooting up your overheads.

Compare say Boots with a company that has no shops and only trades online despatching stock from a big solitary warehouse probably where most of the picking function is robotised too.

So in view of all of this why shouldn’t it be the same for legal services. Let’s facilitate an online quotation and instruction system; send out the welcome pack and other items by email as an attachment; request a deposit payment and upon receipt automatically fire off the requests for searches which you should receive back within a couple of hours. By old day standards that has shaved about 2 weeks of the time it would usually take to do all the aforementioned tasks.

Costs will vary according to the factors involved with the conveyancing such as if you are purchasing a property or requiring your solicitor to act for you in a sale; or you could be instructing your solicitor to undertake both of these functions if you are having to sell your present house to fund the purchase of your new home. Alternatively, you could be re-mortgaging your house in which event  you would still need to engage a solicitor.

Other factors that may affect your quote price would be as follows:

Tenure: Is the property  leasehold or freehold. Maybe the owner of the lease will be willing to sell it at the point you purchase the new property so the solicitor may have to act for you to replace the lease with a freehold document at that point.

Number of Applicants: How many people will be on the register of owners to know how may people the solicitor may have to interact with.

Islamic Mortgage: If a Islamic Mortgage is required this may require extra work on the part of the solicitor.

Is Property Mortgaged: Extra work if charges are present and they have to be removed or transferred over to a new property to be able to sell the house.

Value of House: Expensive houses incur greater risk and greater drains on insurance indemnity policies.



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